Welcome to Serenity Village

In September 2004, we opened our 1st home with 6 men. SV is the largest transitional housing program in the Midwest, and we are still growing to meet the demands of people suffering from addiction.


The SV properties are very nice homes, and we pride ourselves in providing the residents more than just a place to call home. We’ve initiated many programs (i.e.: job placement, mentorship, outreach, etc.) within Serenity Village to assist our residents.


We believe that people in recovery need to find their purpose in order to stay free from addiction. At Serenity Village, we give our residents many opportunities to get involved within, as well as outside of, the SV program. Our success rates of people staying free from addiction exceed 70%, with more than half of our residents having been sober over 1 year!


Our plan is to continue to develop private multi-housing sites throughout the Twin Cities to assist individuals afflicted with chemical dependency and gambling addiction in order to help them transition back into society.


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a safe, clean, private environment for chemically dependent individuals. It is our duty to help them grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually to develop a God-centered life.




“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

-Proverbs 27:17